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Largest cork board. Structure.

Size: 195.5*363.6 cm (11.93*6.41 ft)

Design and description of the map:

-12 mm massive cork layer (polished and varnished) with the imposed image;

-4 mm rigid composite foundation prevents deformation;

-cork edging along the perimeter; due to edging, the map tightly adjoins the wall (without damaging it).

-the map consists of 37 elements(including 36 islands) that are fastened to the wall using self-tapping screws; cork plugs hide self-tapping screws.

Map’s gross thickness: 18 mm.

Location: Russia, Saint Petersburg, Conference Hall of the Virtual Russian Museum (http://rusmuseumvrm.ru/?lang=en

Our cork board in the Russia’s Book of Records:


Video footage of the map measuring (Please watch with subtitles!):